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AFC Championship Week: Titans @ Chiefs

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2 hours ago, NashvilleNinja said:


I mean... didn't this fucker play against him back in week 10? 188 yards and 2 TDs not impressive enough for this fuck? Fine. I hope Henry rushes for twice as many yards and touchdowns. Then he can feel free to be as arrogantly blind, deaf, and dumb as Fred Taylor was back in the day. To this day, if you're extremely still and quiet, you can still hear the faint whining about how much better the Jags were in 99...

Yes he did.  He was also coming off two weeks of a stomach illness that had him in the hospital.  


When I first read the quote, I thought.... why?  Why even say this?  Then I remembered that the Patriots and Ravens both shied away from hitting him late in those games.  Clark is just working to set the tone that cowardice is not acceptable and that Henry is just a man, the same as any other man.  


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7 minutes ago, AvgJoe said:

Too bad Henry’s not a woman, otherwise Clark might actually hit him. 

I am pretty sure that Clark and Suggs will do just fine against Henry tomorrow.  I doubt he gets shut down, but I expect he will have less than 110 yards.  


They wore down in the first game against the Titans and part of that was injuries.  Chiefs are healthier now other than Jones.  


Clark was coming off an illness that had him in the hospital.  Chiefs came in without Okafor, and lost Ogbah in the game.  Williams was on IR.  And, they sat their #1 run stuffer in Pennel.  It was a tactical error because they were more concerned with Tanny running.  They wore down due to a lack of rotational players in the game.


Fast forward.  So, Ogbah and Okafor are gone.  So, that kinda sucks.  But, Clark is fully healthy, which he struggled with all year.  Williams is back off IR.  Pennell will be in.  The Chiefs have also picked up this little known player named Terrell Suggs.    There really will be a big difference in the defensive line in this game.  


Now, Henry is a beast, so maybe it won't matter.  I think it will.  I don't think the Chiefs let Henry go for 180 yards.


To put it in perspective, the most recent game, the Chiefs gave up 44 yards to Hyde.  He rushed for 116 yards against KC earlier this year.  He rushed for 104 yards against the Titans when all the starters were playing.  The Chiefs also spotted the Texans a 24 point lead.  They also had Watson that was a threat to run.  That often opens up running lanes for RB's.  This was also without Jones, who we may be without tomorrow as well.


So, I think it will be a different game tomorrow.  Only 15 hours to go until we start to find out.

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