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LSU is bringing it


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22 hours ago, TitansFan777 said:

OSU vs. LSU is going to be a hell of a championship game. At this point, barring injury, I don’t think Clemson (2014 FSU 2.0) or Oklahoma can match up with these two teams. 

You're underselling Clemson here a lot.  BlowOU  sucks though, LSU should have no problem putting up more pts than them.

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Unless OSU comes out like they did last night for the first 20 minutes of the Big 10 championship, I don’t think they lose. 


They have the best defense in the country and a top offense as well. Their QB is better (will be 100% healthy by the Clemson game). Clemson will be the best offense they have played this year, but OSU will be the best offense and defense that Clemson plays by far. 

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