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Ryan Tannehill - Week 13 (@ Colts)

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Thanks code. This shit is catnip. 


Henry botched the screen pass on the 2nd throw. Needed to get outside and he had room to run. 


Excellent block by Henry at 3:20, picking up the free rushing DL. 


The first sack was on play action with 2 deep routes that were well covered, and outlet pass also was covered. Good pressure scheme by Colts that required Blasingame and Smith to cover right edge with delayed blitz. I can see why Tannehill didn’t have a chance to throw it away.... but protect the damn football. 


On the second sack (7:00), he didn’t see Brown very open crossing the middle. He was locked onto Davis/Humphries on the left and had enough time to move to his next read.


The Colts were clued in to the misdirection screen play to Jonnu. Smith needs to develop a response using those screens as a decoy for a deep shot. Teams are really respecting our screens now. 


On the 3rd sack (9:30), he was staring down Humphries, had him open, but didn’t let it rip. The pass rusher was directly in his sight line and might have batted it down, so not the worst thing to eat it. He had Firkser as an outlet in the flat but not enough time to progress. Jones missed the blitzer, likely in part because the DL put his arm over Jones’ head. 


On the 4th sack (11:10), he should have been able to dump it off to Henry. A really good play by Sheard crashing down the line. Nate Davis picker up the stunt fine but Jones wasn’t ready for Sheard. Conklin also struggled a bit getting out for this wide 9-style pass rush, a view into his athletic limitations. 


On the 5th sack (12:00), Humphries looked like he was well covered but uncovered at the top of his route. It would have been a timing throw that requires a lot of trust from Tannehill. Fine with him not throwing this away since we’d rather run out the clock than stop it with an incompletion on 3rd down. 


Lewan is so good in the screen game. He’s really turned it around the last couple weeks. He needed the bye week to get his head straight. 


The 6th sack (13:20) is the most frustrating to me. He has Brown and Davis both in single coverage and a window to get the ball out. Trust either one of them to make a play. 


The screen to Lewis on 3rd down (15:15) was an incredible play call with the overload blitz coming from that side. 

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