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Flat Earthers

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3 hours ago, 'Nator said:

It's the psychology of these people that is interesting. 


Human beings want to be special. That's what most of conspiratorial belief is all about. 


A lot of Trumpian belief is like this. Q-Anon. Everyone who disagrees is deep state or a never Trumper that can be dismissed with a wave of the hand. 


"I am IN THE KNOW! These SHEEPLE don't get it!" 


Flat Earth is an ultimate example of this. 


That, or perhaps a few people pretending to believe that shit so they can make money off the uneducated lemmings of society.

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They are almost as bad as the anti vac crowd. But if billions of humans believe in a God that no one has ever seen they can believe in this. Humans are basically idiots.

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On 12/3/2019 at 8:31 PM, smokeater said:

They're real.  In the olden days these moronic retards would have ate the wrong mushroom, stared down the barrel of a gun, or been dared to lick a poison frog, ultimately removing them from the gene pool through natural selection.  Nowadays, we carry these barely-breathing meatsacks along with us to the detriment of future generations and the end of modern society.

Flat Earthers at least are mostly harmless. If you want to be involved in an anti-science or conspiracy theory cult, that is mostly just stupid and not damaging. 

The real problems are the global warming deniers, anti-vaxers, Birthers, Truthers, Q-ists, etc. Those people actually harm society.  

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