Assessing Frank Gore's HOF Merit

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There's a lot here, comparing him to RBs who made the HOF but here's a good summation of the argument:


- Gore didn’t win Offensive Rookie of the Year.

- Gore was never a first-team All-Pro.

- Gore never won an MVP (never received a vote)

-Gore didn’t win a Super Bowl/MVP (played fine in one, but no game-winning touchdown).

- Gore never won a rushing title.

- Gore never led the league in any stat.

- Gore had one season with double-digit rush/receiving touchdowns.

- Gore rushed for more than 1,214 yards once in his career (26 backs since 2005 have done it at least twice).

- Gore’s most memorable play is…help me out here.


So when exactly did Gore become a HOFer? For some people it seems to be on Sunday when he passed Barry Sanders, who infamously retired after just 10 seasons. Sanders’ numbers would have been beyond reproach had he continued on while Gore’s numbers are only in the conversation because he refuses to stop playing.


Was Gore a HOFer after his 10 years in San Francisco (2005-2014) ended? He hasn’t made a Pro Bowl or played in a playoff game since. During those 10 years, he played in 148 games and had nice numbers: 11,073 rushing yards, 64 TD, 4.5 YPC, 13,956 yards from scrimmage, 75 touchdowns.


Nice, but had he stopped he would never get serious HOF consideration ... 

That’s really my sticking point with Gore. He didn’t lock up a HOF spot in San Francisco, so what is it about the last five years that changed that status? Since 2015, Gore’s teams have gone 35-38 (.479) with him and only Buffalo this year may make the playoffs. He’s rushed for 4,216 yards and 15 touchdowns at 3.91 YPC in that time. He’s had six 100-yard rushing games, which ties him for 24th since 2015, and his teams were just 3-3 in those games (those are usually wins in the NFL).


Is it okay to accept someone compiling numbers as the final stamp of approval on a HOF case? That generally feels wrong to me, but it seems to be what’s accepted in the case of Gore, because I sure don’t think he distances himself from his worthy peers on value or really fits in with the standards set by the Gold Jacket members he’ll likely join one day."

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Of course he is. 


So someone like Terrell Davis can have only 4 solid years and because two or 3 were great and his team had success, he's a no doubt HOFer...


Yet someone like Gore who was reliable for 90% of his long ass career and was a steady producer on what were shitty teams for 80% of his career, he's not worthy?


This shit is stupid. 

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Perennial Starter Award 8 years in a row. Available to Play and Do Goaline Work if You Ain't Gotta RB 7 years in a row....


He eclipsed Barry Sanders with 75 more games. 5 additional seasons. Had Sanders continued and averaged even half his normal yardage...or to get even more conservative 750 yds per year, he would be the all time rusher.



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I have always been a huge Gore fan but sorry he is not worthy of the HOF.  At no point during his very long career was he ever considered one of the very best at his position.

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1 hour ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Frank Gore is as much if not more of a HOFer than TD. Anyone who says otherwise is full of shit. 


I don't think TD should have gotten into the HOF but this is ignorant.  TD was unquestionably one of the great players of his era.  The only knock on TD is he didn't do it long enough and that's a legitimate gripe and why I don't think he was worthy.

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