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Just now, NashvilleNinja said:


I have a feeling that Newton may be a JRob target in the off-season if they're going to stick with the game plan they've had in place this year.


Newton isn't a JRob type of guy.

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So, who actually won the Mack trade? Better yet, which team would you rather be as of Week 9 in 2019?


"Oakland, no doubt about it," one NFL exec told The Athletic's Mike Sando.


"Gruden got so criticized for making that Mack trade," the exec said. "He got crushed -- his ego and all that. Is the guy (Mack) a great player? Yeah. Should you trade great players? Probably not. But there is no single way to put together a team. It's important that you have a plan and stick with your plan."


Gruden had a vision for how he wanted to build the Raiders when he returned. It involved trading Mack and wide receiver Amari Cooper and resetting the course of the franchise. So far, it appears to be working. 


"What I am saying is, Jon Gruden had a plan and his plan wasn't necessarily Mack," this exec told The Athletic. "It was for a bigger offensive line, being able to run the ball. He's won a Super Bowl and he was hired to be the coach. Does he get a chance to put his plan into place? Yeah, he should, and it looks like right now his plan has kind of turned a corner."




Can you believe folks in the media are even starting to suggest the Bears, yes, the Bears, should trade Mack?




The best way to rebuild a team from terrible to great is to acquire a lot of picks, preferably early picks, over 2 or 3 years.


Not hanging on to two great players you already have, giving them huge contracts, and trying to build around them because by the time you are able to build around them, they will be out of their prime or coming up on the end of that new contract. 


Ppl looked at that trade as an individual action instead of all the doors it opens up. Wow! Trading Mack?!?! Dumb!


But the best way to rebuild the Raiders (or any team) is to trade the few guys they could for multiple early draft picks over a two or three year span. 

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