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Attention Retards!

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6 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Democrats do not fact check before they make claims and accusations....


What's the difference? 


CNN and MSNBC didnt fact check before they slandered Sandmann and his classmates. 


Didnt even bother watching a 5 minute video. Just heard something and put it out there. Not just put it out there, trashed the kid while doing so.


You think we care about FB and Zuckerberg and how AOC only wanted to talk about false ads from one side and not the other?


Great find!

Hey how'd that Sandmann lawsuit turn out?

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13 hours ago, IsntLifeFunny said:

Dude you’ve been off your game lately. I was obviously making fun of Jake and the rest of the idiots.

i've been flying too much. my head is in like 2 completely opposite timezones. 

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As usual another racist demturd who wants to destroy free speech. Max is too dumb to see that. So every media outlet that runs political ads is supposed to "fact check" them first? That is moronic. 


Notice her absolute disregard for the intelligence of the average American but especially the average democrat. This idiot is worried that republicans can run dishonest ads and black democrats will be too dumb to know they are lies. What a horrible bitch. 



Edited by Rolltide

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Could one of you tards tell me how not believing in white

On 10/25/2019 at 5:20 AM, Mythos27 said:

Don't be hard on yourself,these days you really can't tell satire from the genuine opinions of idiots.   


Retards? You mean democrats and probably most specifically black democrats? That is what your hero the skank bitch is most worried about. Trump might put an ad on Facebook that says his presidency has been a good one for blacks and they just might believe it. 


She is not worried about  republican voters being swayed by "lies". 


So you agree with her fascist position on political speech? Let's have censorship by the media outlets themselves or we can just ban all speech. You are all for that? 


How about Facebook and other media outlets just accepting money for ads and unless those ads are promoting violence or terrorism? Or like Twitter just not run ads. 

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