Week 6: Titans @ Broncos Game Thread

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1 hour ago, TitanDuckFan said:

Jesus.   You think I'm defending Mariota's play yesterday?

So what passes for reasoning with you says because Marcus sucked, Tannehill's play and the O-Line's play can't be looked at in a critical light?


There was 20 min of game clock left to overcome a 13 pt deficit and Tannehill with the Titans failed to do that.  Failed to score AT ALL even with 4 possessions, and only really came close once.

Yards don't win football games, and neither do completion percentages.  We've been reminded of this over and over for the last two years.


If Mariota had thrown those passes but still took those sacks, and still failed to score, we'd all be reading about it from you guys today.



like I have said MULTIPLE times to you few that have cemented yourself to this sinking abomination:  providing a case that Tannehill isn’t some great comebackQB, doesn’t disprove Marcus sucks at the job he’s paid to do which is throwing the football.  

also. Marcus never even got into field goal range.  Tannehill was able to twice.  Had the situation not dictated four down territory we likely at least get 6 points.  Remove the 10 points Marcus gifted with turnovers and your left with a tie game, one that is winnable by a field goal.  Which Tannehill showed he could get us into range when Marcus couldn’t even get into enemy territory.  Its beyond time to jump ship sailor.  

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The pass to Walker at his feet when the defender is a yard away. (Btw, with a clean pocket)


The screen to Henry where Henry had to jump for it and it was still to high. 

Those passes are why he fucking sucks. It’s year five. Time to move on. 

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