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Joe Burrow

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1 minute ago, Supdawg said:

I continue to watch Burrows each week and I come away more and more impressed. Dude is as pro ready as any qb I have watched since Manning. But he's more athletic than Manning. 


I would literally give up the next 3 years of 1st round picks to get him. 


Burrow will be a Bengal or Dolphin.

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Im really waiting for next saturday lsu and utah state head to head. Love vs Burrow is gonna be good.

Burrow will be a Bengal or Dolphin.

Eason plays against USC this weekend. Probably at 230 eastern Saturday .. worth watching

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On 10/15/2019 at 5:42 AM, AussieTitanFan08 said:


No question Love has the physical tools NFL teams are looking for, he is still very raw though, ideally he would sit year 1 to be developed in an NFL program.



If he’s able to turn it around for the rest of the season I’d be down to roll the dice with him. I’m just worried about his accuracy and decision making. Pocket presence should make your decision making and accuracy better but it doesn’t seem to be correlating. I haven’t had a chance to watch him play much but I imagine there is more to it than he’s just making bad decisions. 

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