Impeachment Inquiry Underway

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13 minutes ago, IsntLifeFunny said:

What an interesting time to be alive. We are witnessing the full frontal test of democracy against authoritarianism. 


Or as Fox News reports it, Trump Derangement Syndrome!

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No, Trump really did fuck up. 


When this first broke I told someone they'll impeach him over this. 


When Trump colluded with Russia they did everything in secret and Trump was never directly tied to it. Mueller gave him every benefit of the doubt in his investigation. 


Now we have a whistleblower who heard the conversation and Trump and Rudy have went on TV and admitted it. I guess since Trump got away with it he thought he could do it in the open. 


The Republicans are in a real bind too. This isn't debateable. Also the allegations about Biden are clearly false. Romney is going pretty far in terms of agreeing with impeachment. 


Another big factor is this is happening right now, the Dems are acting on it right now, they aren't waiting for an investigation. 


He still might not get removed from office but the Republicans will have to publicly vote to acquit when he's clearly guilty of serious crimes. 

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