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2020 Draft Prospect: LSU QB Joe Burrow

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Burrow is a fascinating story and a bit of a one-year wonder. I say "a bit" of a one-year wonder because he did play and start for LSU last season. He had some decent games...and also some bad games. He completed only 58% of his passes and had 16 TDs to 5 INTs. This year? He's completing 80% (yes...80!) of his passes and already has 17 TDs to just 2 INTs.


Here's what I posted in another thread about what I like on him so far:


13 hours ago, Jonboy said:


Still digging and researching about him, but here are some things I love.


- Has the ideal size for the position at 6 ft 4 in, 216 lbs

- Plays with an attitude and an edge about him, definitely more of the alpha male persona than Mariota or even Locker



- Comes from a football family so you know he most likely has a true passion for the game. His father played a year for the Packers and had a few years in the CFL before he went into coaching at the college level

- Burrow started out at Ohio State and redshirted his 1st year. He played behind Barrett for 2 years and then transferred the year Haskins took over

- He graduated in 3 years so he was eligible to play at LSU immediately 


- This year he's been nothing short of amazing. Pressure in college just isn't the same as it is in the NFL so you really have to dig for clips that show that, but check out this play he made against Texas.



- Probably the biggest question is what took him so long to show this ability? I've seen interviews where he said he worked really hard this offseason and LSU brought in Joe Brady as its passing game coordinator this year

- This year LSU's offense has completely transformed, whereas last year it looked a lot more like the traditional grind-it-out LSU offenses we've come to know over the years. He ran a lot more last year and is pretty mobile for his size. This year though, he looks like your prototypical pocket passer


- Still a ways to go, but from what I've seen so far, I wouldn't be shocked at all if he plays his way into the top of the QB leaderboard right up there with Tua and Herbert



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How he got recruited by LSU.


“Had a nice cut-up of some of the plays that he ran and some of the plays we run. We asked him to take us through his reads. He was excellent,” Orgeron said. “He knew exactly what was going on, exactly the coverage, the reads. We went through some quarterback run plays. He was A-plus in that meeting.”



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