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My Final thought...I think it's funny how people fail to recognize the Ball hawking skills and brilliance of our defense. By that I mean I keep hearing how we got ints because Mayfield had to force things to try to bring the Browns back, That's not true.

I watched the whole game & I myself lost track of events and context of time in which they happened. Mayfield threw his first Interception with 14 minutes to go only down what 22-13...Thats hardly an insurmountable lead with 14 minutes on the clock, so why do people act like the reason he threw those picks is because he had to force it, nah we rattled and baited him. 

Then he threw another pick the very next drive I believe. Give our Defense props. Mayfield has that Brett Favre gunslinger mentality without the Brett Favre "IT" Factor. 


Next, just analyzing the hype and past opponent one last time...The Browns could very well start 0-6 or 1-5, think about that for a second. I haven't looked at their schedule & nor do I care to...Their next opponent is the Jets, the Jets are no slouch & have Greg Williams as D coordinator. He thought he shoulda got the Cleveland head job.

Browns will get the Jets best game. Then the Brown play, if I heard right, the Chargers, Seahawks, Rams, Patriots, Ravens etc. They could very well start 0-7 or something. I really don't see a win for them out of any of those teams. I think that's their next opponents from what I heard on the radio.


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It never went away for us and 2008 still bother's us since we probably had the best team in the AFC at the time.  Believe me there are some Titans fans that have two favorite teams.  The Titans and whoever is playing the Ratbirds.  Also remember that McNair, Rolle and Mason put the rat bird uniforms on and we found that disgusting.  We would have given you Eddie George.  

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24 minutes ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:


I remember not too long ago ppl saying Jones should be sent packing. Then the sky was falling because JR gave him an extension. 


Amazing what this team can do. Even when they don't play a consistent 4 quarters of football.

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