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Can Pruitt rebound from this embarrassment?

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16 hours ago, Number9 said:

If Vanderbilt can be as successful as they have been, no reason TN is this bad.  First, Pruitt was a lifetime assistant coach.  Anybody under Saban looks like a genius, but how much of it is Saban.  It's like the Bill Belichick assistants, Bill is calling all the shots.  I bet it's the same with Saban.  I can see it now, but they should have been smart enough to figure that out before they hired him.


Counterpoint:  Kirby Smart seems to be doing well at UGA.

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On 9/11/2019 at 12:51 PM, Rolltide said:

That final touchdown by BYU is an insult to SEC football. An insult to the proud tradition of UT football. Guys standing upright with 50% effort seemingly expecting somebody else to make a play. No heart at all. 


Pruitt needs to be fired now! 


Give him a chance.  Let's see what he can do the rest of the season.



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Its really difficult to know what's going on at UT right now. The 'standing around' players that @Rolltide was talking about were all Butch Jones recruits and those players are getting dismissed off the team or phased out completely. The only real leader left is Jauan Jennings who was dismissed from the team for cussing out the previous coaches!!


The team has no depth whatsoever right now and they're just not as talented as other SEC teams, but at least the team came out punching against Georgia. But yeah, this is looking a bit like when Butch took over. You have to be able to COACH. 

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