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Anyone remember hearing about this?

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14 hours ago, Btowner said:

Until Jake is able to walk into a predominantly black neighborhood, shout the n-word from the top of his lungs and don't receive a beat down, he will always believe that black people are more racists than white people and the media lets them get away with it.


It's all about race and white victimhood.

I belong to a NBA debate group on FB. Man, you should see all of the racially offensive things they say. I'm sure you you either wouldnt care or believe it though....


Any black person they simply DO NOT AGREE with is a coon. 


Any white person they do not agree with is a cracker. 


Its daily. Anyone who thinks there isnt a great % of blacks who are racist are in denial.


Even the one idiot, who was it, Big? Who basically said all whites were responsible for slavery in America. 


Do you think he even knows what the fucking civil war was? Because his words certainly doesn't seem to show that he does.....

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All these lefties love posting about mass shootings when the suspect is a white christian. 


Surprised no one feels inclined to start a thread about the 7 hour standoff in which a black man targeted cops. 


They dont care, obviously. Victims need to be minorities and whites need to be the perpetrator.


All about minority victimhood.....

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