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Is Trump gay?

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Trump tore out magazine picture of Justin Trudeau, scrawled odd message and mailed it to Canadian embassy, report claims


Donald Trump reportedly tore out a magazine picture of Justin Trudeau, scrawled a brief note about the Canadian prime minister “looking good”, and made White House officials mail it to the neighbouring country’s embassy. 


The message – first reported by Axios – is said to have been written by the US president on the torn-out cover of a May 2017 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, which featured an image of Mr Trudeau alongside a caption reading “The Anti-Trump”. 


On it, Mr Trump reportedly jotted a  note reading something to the effect of, “Looking good! Hope it's not true!" according to the US news outlet.

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9 hours ago, MadMax said:

I don't know if Trump is gay but I hope his future prison partner is.

Top notch

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i'm pretty sure he's taken up the bum a few times. i have little doubt he's at least a bit gay... 


1 hour ago, begooode said:


that seems to me more like he's just trying to win miltary guys over. saying they are as good looking and special as anybody they may think is cool in hollywood... "and hey, Trump knows hollywood"


its a way to act like he's demeaning the social elite while making the everyday Joe feel special... while not really doing anything at all. 

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