Terrible what happened at El Paso, Texas and Ohio

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1 hour ago, Omar said:

Well..the El Paso terrorist did put up a picture spelling Trump with all his guns. So the terrorist made Trump the issue. 

You do know that is an old photo that someone created 2-3 yea s ago and inserted in this story?

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49 minutes ago, OILERMAN said:


Trump: Oh, God?  I know him very well.  Really nice, personal guy.  Id be a very good God.  A very, very good God, if you know what I mean.  But, God is a terrific individual.

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4 hours ago, 'Nator said:

Yeah criminals don't have to buy guns on the black market, all they have to do is check car doors. I forget the statistic but a crazy amount of guns have been stolen because of that. 


I learned this on Nextdoor app, where police occasionally post to give folks heads up as to crime trends and ways to be safer. Well half these dipshits went on some "DOWNT TREAD ON MEEEE" rant about how no one can tell them not to leave their weapon in their car and they'll lock their car if they damn well please cuz this aint no police state. 

You come up with a very valid point and something that is terribly real.

This article points out the following numbers:

-In Atlanta, the number rose to 1,021 in 2018 from 439 in 2009.

-In St. Louis, it increased to 597 from 200 in the same period.
-Some of the biggest spikes have come just in the last few years in Tennessee. The number of guns reported stolen from vehicles statewide nearly doubled in one year. In 2016, 2,203 were reported; a year later, reports numbered 4,064, according to figures provided to NPR by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.
-Last year, 659 guns were reported stolen out of vehicles in Nashville — a 70% jump over 2016



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Ivan Lopez and Nadal Hasan were both minorities who engaged in shooting sprees while Obama was president. Hasan in 2009 and Lopez in 2014. Those shooting sprees occurred at Fort Hood army base. 


If Trump is responsible for every bad action by any white person who is perceived as right wing then these 2 attacks were Obama's fault. Barry's pastor said "God damn America" so it makes sense that other like minded people would be murdering soldiers in our bases. 







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The Republicans enabling or promoting white supremacy is a fabrication by the left.  Even Beto used the now debunked reference to Charlottesville.  These people will say anything. 


Oh and how is Trump pouring gas on the fire?  Nuts are nuts.  Some are black, white, Latino, Asian...

It was an Asian guy who shot kids at Virginia Tech.  And he used two pistols.  Reality has nothing to do with these tards mentality or contribution to the situation.  All they do is look for angles to bash Trump.  It is vial hatred and there is nothing good about it.  And all those who pander to it and applaud it are low life scum just the same because you know the damn truth. 


Basically the CNN, MSNBC fake news curtain has been raised and we see the Wizard of hate behind the curtain.  Oh they say "never mind that man behind the curtain".  But people know it is a fraud and fake.  Even those who use them to bash Trump know the truth.  Keep it all going.  Impeachment, Trump is a racist-bigot....  As Dr. Phil will say, "how is that working for yea".  And meanwhile the leader of the potential candidates to become the next president can't even put together a meaningful sentence or stay awake for a whole debate.  Either Biden is having a stoke up there or he has already had one.  He makes Mueller look like he just came out of Law school in comparison.  Old, senile, failing capacities......  yea that is what we want as president.  Someone who needs his initials put on the inside of his underwear so he knows they are his. 


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30 minutes ago, oldschool said:

@Soxcat can you acknowledge a majority of mass shooters are white? 

Can you acknowledge more lives are taken on average in a 48 hour span due to handguns than those mass shootings did?


Can you also acknowledge there just as many blacks contributing to all of the lives being lost as there are whites?


Tell me, what makes a mass shooting worse than 20 different shootings that take the same # of lives?


At the end of the day ppl are dying. Some of yall only care about white shooters and mass shootings and act like little timmy who died by himself during a drive by is no big deal. All because you want to pin those on Trump....

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