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Trump's 4th of July "A Salute to America" depletes DC's anti-terrorism fund because of unpaid bills from Inauguration

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47 minutes ago, OzTitan said:

Who has time to laugh at Democrats when Donald Trump is in the White House? By comparison it's just not the same. That and the desperation of Trump fans to try and find equivalents for his madness is off putting.

Desperation? You mean like the Dems getting caught using pictures of caged immigrants from the Obama Era to try and use against Trump?


No time to make fun of Dems because Trump is in the WH? Who you think lost to him? Lol


You're right, as they lost, continue to try and lie and deceive ppl, they have been laughed at enough, I guess. 

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That scenario alone should convince even the most hardline liberals that the media can't be trusted.  Apparently they don't care. 

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20 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

And what makes you think I have the answers?


And if you dont give a shit about either one, how come its Trump or Repubs that you only take issue with and make it a point to talk about?


When was the last time you criticized a Dem without being forced to due to your criticism of Trump?

Again, I have definitely seen you come at me, tide, sox, far more than any of the Anti Trumpers. I rarely if ever see you criticize Dems. And there is plenty to criticize. The fact that 90% of you criticism is directed at one person/party sure seems to argue your point that you dont have an agenda. 



How much do facts matter to you? If you are not committed to a particular party, what are your current thoughts on the accusations by the left that have turned out to be false?


Have you went after those who spread collusion for two years as hard as you come at some of us supporters of Trump for his (proven) fuck ups?


Have you went after those who tried to ruin Kavanuaghs, Sandmanns, and other conservatives lives with lies, or non evidence backed claims? I dont remember seeing any of that from you. 

I already answered this, I don’t like Trump. I think he is a race baiting, lying, ego maniac, traitor, and will stab anyone in the back who dares disagree with him. He wants to be Putin. His whole made up persona is BS. He is a hypocrite who calls out others for the same crap he does. Just today he was tweeting about the stupid Home Depot “boycott” and how unjust it was, yet how many companies has he tweeted about boycotting over the years? 


My criticism is directed at one person, Trump. Why is that so hard to understand? I come at the people you mentioned because they all praise him constantly and do not appear to think he can do any wrong. I am not into hero worshipping, especially for a freaking politician.

As far as any other Republicans, I don’t remember saying a word about any other members, unless it was someone like Sarah Sanders and her constant lying BS.


I think the far left Dems are scary and dangerous, and I feel the same about the far right Repubs. I can honestly say if HRC were president, I would most likely be going after her, I despise her almost as much as Trump.

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