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Bernard Pollard weighs in on the QB situation

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Probably can't give Mariota away making $20 mil this year and then a FA.  Only scenario I see is if some team loses their franchise QB early in camp and happens to have a bunch of CAP space.  Then they could basically rent Mariota for a year to salvage their season. 

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I don't see any scenario as Tannehill has the same durability issues that Marcus does.  I found his disdain for #8 in comparison to # 17 as the surprising take given his NFL experience.

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A better question, why is he even still on the team:


Fast-forward to Sunday, when Mariota was sacked 11 times in a shutout loss to the Ravens. He completed just 10 passes for 117 yards, leaving the Titans with just 51 net yards after subtracting the yardage lost in sacks. For the second week in a row and third time in four games, the Titans were held without an offensive touchdown.


"When cutting it loose, ball tends to sail on him a bit," read his NFL Network predraft scouting report. "Arm strength is adequate but inconsistent to field side." Adequate was a common description of Mariota's arm, even among his ardent supporters: His release, mobility, accuracy and toughness were all outstanding, making his arm just good enough.


Three years later, Mariota has produced just 18 passing plays of 40-plus yards in 47 career games. For comparison's sake, Ben Roethlisberger has 45 40-plus pass plays in the same span; Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Fitzpatrick have each produced seven in this season alone.


Arm strength is famously overvalued, but it's also necessary. Mariota can put touch on the occasional deep ball, but it's rare to see him throw a rope to the deep sideline or into heavy traffic to stretch out a defense.


Coordinators may have spent three years shrinking the field for Mariota because they have no choice, especially when he's coping with this or that injury.


Whatever the root cause, Mariota has become caught in a vicious cycle. Those bunched-up offensive formations just bring defenders closer to the line, making blitzing easier and more effective, exacerbating the aches and pains that further limit his effectiveness, resulting in even more junior varsity offensive concepts, and so on.





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I don’t see him improving. Were wasting our time this is ridiculous. It’s like a relationship that has reached a dead end.. sometimes it’s time to move on no matter how much counseling how much new sex positions you try the magic is gone. 

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lol @ people who evaluate practice


I don't give a shit if Mariota or Tannehill or Henry or anyone else lights it up or stinks it up in practice. It means nothing. It never has. It never will. Stop giving a shit how someone performs in practice, it's never going to matter.


Remember when Malcolm Butler was the best CB ever in camp? Then was one of the worst CBs in football for the first like 8 or 9 weeks of the season before finally getting his shit together?


Man what a great indicator his outstanding practice reps were.


Remember when McNair would absolutely suck in practice(or in a lot of cases not even practice at all due to injuries? Then was our franchise QB and eventual NFL MVP?


Man what a great indicator his shitty practice reps were.

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