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You are getting rid of your Tahoe to downgrade to a Honda or Toyota car? Why half ass it? Go straight to the bottom of the bucket and get an old Geo Prizm. 


Stick with the Tahoe family (Suburban, Denali, Escalade). Its the longest running production vehicle for a reason and the Chevy pushrod V8 is still the best drivetrain you can get. 


If you insist on those 2 cars then go Toyota. They are easier to service. 

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4 hours ago, abenjami said:

I guess I have a chick car that beats a Ferrari in a drag race then.


Jake, what kind of car do you have again?


Pretty sure he was saying the Accord and the Camry are chick cars.

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28 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Damn, I feel differently then. Because like guns in the hands of civilians, drag racing provides so much value to our daily lives. 


And I currently have a Dodge Magnum. I love it but it sucks in the snow.

Hey Touched The Tard, a question about not having a car or drivers license. What percentage would you say that plays in your inability to find female companionship? 

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I ended up buying a very clean, pre-owned 2018 Accord Sport with the 2.0T engine. 6,100 miles and still looks/smells brand new. I saved ~$9,000, compared to what it would cost to buy a 2019 of the same car.


On 6/5/2019 at 7:58 PM, JakePA_Titan said:

Both are chick cars. 

I'm pretty much past the point of seeing a vehicle as any kind of status symbol - it's all about utility and value now.


My next vehicle purchase (when I replace the storm chasing Malibu) will be either a Toyota 4Runner or possibly a diesel engine/super duty truck. Still undecided as of now, but I should have a few more years to drive the wheels of this car before I have to decide on anything.

On 6/5/2019 at 9:00 PM, headhunter said:

You cant pull a boat in a Camry or Accord, fail.

You know the only thing better than owning a boat ? Having a best friend that owns a boat... lol

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1 hour ago, JakePA_Titan said:

I dont look at cars as a symbol status. I just typically see a female driving any Camry I see (or an older man). Accords as well but I've seen more men driving an Accord compared to a Camry. 

In years past, the Camry definitely looked like an old person/female car. The new ones are nice looking, depending on the trim you look at.


When I started out selling vehicles I sold Honda's and if I ever had a younger person on the fence on either a Accord/Camry, I'd always tell them they can't go wrong either way. Camry's are nice cars, that is what my grandma drives... 9/10 times they would decide on the Accord right then and there.

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