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18 hours ago, TitansFan777 said:

My favorite move that they did was start the series with the explosion.


I much preferred that to them spending the first 45 minutes of the episode creating backstories for the real & composite characters, and then having the accident end the episode.











Spoilers (is that even a thing for historical shows?): Was I the only one that wanted to knock some sense into the fireman’s wife all through episode 3? I understand that common people didn’t understand radiation, but Jesus woman, look at your husband....he’s clearly extremely “sick” so why would you keep touching him. 

Yes!!! That bitch was so stupid. And she lied about being pregnant so the baby will now be fucked as well. I also liked how they started the series. I’m ready for the last 2 episodes. 

10 hours ago, Somedude said:

I put up with the dumb soft porn in GOT but how many floppy wieners does this have? Waiting for the full season until I watch.

Lots so far. 

8 hours ago, TitansFan777 said:

There are more floppy dongs in one scene  of Chernobyl than the entire run of GOT combined.

That scene was hilarious and completely unexpected. I almost spit out my beer when all of those dudes were working butt ass naked. 

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I finally got to watch the last episode. A really well done show. 

It's just a dick. You'll be OK and won't catch the gay. 

Pretty good show.  Of course, I knew the story of Chernobyl but I was pretty young when it all went down.  I knew it was bad but didn't really know the whole story until watching this and then doing s

11 hours ago, Rogue said:

And well done. 

Moral of the story: Don't put your disease ridden, radioactive husband's hand on your pregnant belly for hours and hours. Who woulda thunk?


At this point, it appears the actual Chernobyl disaster and fallout are over after episode 4. The final episode appears to be more of a court case/tribunal situation.

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2 hours ago, MadMax said:

Watched episode 1 last night.


Eek.  The denial and squashing of the truth/news by the "management" was rather chilling.

Yeah, like the guy just invented an alternate reality for himself where everything was OK and did it seamlessly. 


They did a very good job on showing an example of Soviet disinformatsiya when it came to the issue of the outside world finding out about the accident.we think about it offensively now but there's a reason the soviets were able to perfect the art and that's due to the importance of controlling information in those days. 

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HBO's Chernobyl is sure getting some hard-earned praise all over the world, becoming one of the top miniseries of all time in the eyes of both professional critics and lay viewers. It aired to overwhelming universal acclaim, boasts the highest fan score on IMDB, and single-handedly increased tourism in Ukraine by double digits. Its ratings are going through the roof as well, and now we get the news that it also broke an important record previously held by Game of Thrones in terms of digital viewership, as Deadline reported. There really seems to be no limit to the show's success—which is awesome. Great series should be greatly rewarded, after all.

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