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I ran with the bulls in Pomplona. Saw a guy get gored up the asshole by a bull weighing nearly a ton. Every day they make a paper of the previous days run and bullfights. They had that guy on the cover with a horn about a foot up his bunghole and what looked like his esophagus coming out of his mouth. He was from Louisiana I think, I heard he survived. 


Got in the ring after the run and they herd the big bulls down side corridors to get ready for the bullfights. In the meantime they let these spunky little 5-600 lb bastards out with pads on their horns to run around and fuck up the hundreds of tourists for a while. Some of the locals do cool jumping acrobatics over top to oohs and ahhs from the crowd.  The fight was definitely crazy to see and not a great place to bring a woman.


But the bar scene after... oooh lawd...


good times.

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Oman trying to rebuild his street cred after saving the retard from certain death. We see through you! 

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