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9 Nines

This is the end - Tariffs raised

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Globalist who have put all of their eggs in China’s basket are going to lose a lot of money. That’s why we are hearing the teeth grinding, gnashing, and complaints from Wall Street and Chamber of Commerce.


Look at how quickly the economy turned around with MAGA principals in place. The economy moving  away from Wall Street and is going Main Street. Wall Street will have to adjust this time.....not us. Trump is rewiring  the power structure of the US Economy. Main Street will push on. The other non-China global suppliers realize they have a huge opportunity to wedge their ways into the pockets of American consumers while American manufacturing and businesses develop their products and increase their markets. Suppliers and retailers were put on notice in sufficient time to get ready. 


I see two comparably priced shirts to choose to buy and the choice is between China made, made in India, or anyplace else not named China. I choose one of the later if I decide to buy the shirt at all and only if the price is what I am willing to pay. A shirt is a shirt. The non-China suppliers’ volumes increase such they are able to reduce prices. I keep buying their shirts. It’s not hard for the consumer to modify behavior if they know it is best for them supply and price wise as well as for their country. The Chamber if Commerce and other  globalists in bed with China use their media lapdogs to try to make noise. They are cabal and own the Democrats.


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