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Dems continue to exude so much class and superiority.

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Part of me would like to jump down the "could you imagine if a Repub said this" but we all know about the double standard by now.


I would like to jump into a rather bigger fall out from this line of thinking.


Dems now heading down the "mental and physical deformities is a valid reason for abortion" road.


I would just like to point out that folks who have been born with disabilities have been some of the most joyful and inspirational ppl on this planet. Aside from that, when's the last time you heard of a mentally ill person committing a mass shooting?


Remember how the left tore up the Trump Admin over the cutting back of Special Olympic funding? Yet Dems would prefer we just dont have ppl that can partake in the Special Olympics period. How about that moral superiority for ya?


Not to mention how many jobs would be cut for all of those selfless ppl that care for a large part of that demographic...


No wonder the Dems are all for killing babies that are diagnosed with a disability. 


Surely if the majority of Dems follow this line of thinking, there will be a lot more ppl that #walkaway. 

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Dems are getting loosey goosey with killing babies though. 


Pretty lame 

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Well gee, I guess this Alabama state representative isn’t going to run for president...


No one gives a fuck about this guy but the locals.

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