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Kim Kardashian Is Studying to Become a Lawyer

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11 hours ago, Legaltitan said:

If I understand the article correctly, she is pursuing an alternate path set up in California where law school is not necessary. She's apparently already been working on that path. She may fail. It's possible she's just joking around. But I like to take people at their word until proven otherwise. 

Yup.  It's actually sort of like an apprenticeship.  Instead of going to law school, you do 4 years in a law office.


In the end, all California cares about is if you can pass their bar, which is apparently one of the toughest to pass (or at least we like to think so).


In all honesty though, I would probably say spending 4 years working in a law office is a better education than law school, which is a total waste of money and more of a weeding out process than an education.

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