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2019 NFL Draft Wrap-up Thread

Draft Thoughts  

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  1. 1. Thoughts on the Titans 2019 Draft?

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12 minutes ago, Huston said:

The point he is trying to make is the difference in quality of player.

Well that's obvious given Ruston Webster, Ruskell, and Blake were all incompetent.  They could have hired two dozen other people at least and significantly improved what was there in January 2016.

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After keeping up with the draft for 15 years I noticed something different than years past. The overall talent that is coming out is so much better at every position. Im not really talking about measurables even though that has improved, I'm just saying overall theres more better football players especially noticed this starting with the second round of the draft. I always felt like the second round was a crap shoot where players had more question marks than they do today.

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9 hours ago, titaninpgh said:

BB is such a hater 

What an idiot .  Someone said he criticized us for taking Hooker over Saunders- who was drafted like 30 picks before Hooker

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