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2019 NFL Draft Thread: Rounds 4-7

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I made this post back in October. I think it pretty much holds up. We've addressed iOL, WR, and DL in the draft, and OG, WR, OLB, DL in FA. There are positions looking forward to 2020 where new depth can be good.


tldr I could see us picking up any of QB, RB, TE, OLB, ILB, S, CB, OL, (nearly every position! how insightful! 😄).


RB: Henry/Flu are 2020 a FA, Lewis has not been great. Do we trust their late-in-the-season performance?

TE: How is Walker recovering? Smith got better after October, but do they trust it?

OLB: We lost two starters and added a guy on a snap count. I think we need something more here still.

ILB: Woodyard is getting old and a FA. Nothing behind Evans/Brown.

S: Resigning Vaccaro was great, but depth there isn't a bad thing. If Vaccaro goes down again.


Notable 2020 FA:

Mariota/Tannehill QB: They want a developmental backup. If a guy they like is there they'll take him. It's very odd to have Mariota and Tannehill on expiring contracts...

Ryan/Sims CB: Less important for this season, but Butler has been a mixed bag (better as year went on and they changed his role), and Sims is also a FA. Could be a pick despite very solid depth right now.

Conklin/Kelly/Jones/Pamphile OL: A lot of potential turnover...

Woodyard ILB: Seems like he'll fall off a cliff at some point.

Correa OLB:

Henry/Flu RB: Still a big question mark for next year, but they do seem content with Henry, Lewis, and Flu

Johnson DL: He gone but DL has been pretty well addressed.

Byard S: Gotta think he'll be re-signed.


Brinkley: Not a priority.

Kern P: Signed an extension


On 10/28/2018 at 2:17 PM, Titans279 said:

It's crazy how many needs we actually have just due to our current players seeming bad.


Interior OL, WR, TE, RB...


On defense it's primarily due to old players/FA needing to be replaced. We need more elite front 7 players too (Hopefully Evans and Landry are those guys in the LB corps, but we could use better DL).


OLB (Orakpo and Morgan old and FAs)

ILB (Woodyard is old and a FA in 2020).

DL (Can't ignore it forever)

S (Vacarro FA and Cyp was a weakness anyway)


The raw number of starters who are FA this year and next is huge. We need young players to step into these roles and for a lot of them their replacements just aren't there.


Starters who are 2019 FA:






Starters who are 2020 FA:








Henry (Kind of a stretch)

Brinkley (LS lol)

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2 minutes ago, GLinks said:

Still high on Daylon Mack from back when?

He fits a need.  Prototypical 1T NT to plug up the middle but I kinda feel like they have enough of those guys now.  Probably look somewhere else but Mack is a solid prospect at this point.  

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