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2019 NFL Draft Thread: Round 1

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12 minutes ago, Huston said:

Dude is small but he can play.

He was one of my dark horses if we traded back or moved up in the 2nd. We’ve looked a lot at safeties with corner skills, guys like him & Thirnhill. Not a need per se but you can’t have too many cover people & it allows you to do some creative things.

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Just now, SuperFreak90 said:

Jeffery Simmons would be a top 10 pick without the ACL tear. imo

That's tough. They said teams had him totally off the board from the assault. 

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16 minutes ago, rns90 said:

He pushed some woman down who said something awful to his sister.


Not just awful, it was about a dead relative.  I have been warning @OILERMAN about this for years, but he keeps doing it.  Maybe viewing this whipping will help him.  He also maybe should not wear his pink panties when he out joking.  Some people may take it wrong.



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