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Should Democrats impeach Trump?

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11 hours ago, MadMax said:

This is my only concern.  There are a LOT of stupid people out there who can't wait to vote again because Trump stands for truth, justice and the anti-gay white way.  


Hell, we argue with several of them daily, here.

Don't forget Christian!

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I go back to Obama late in his term when he decided to let McConnell threaten him about exposing Russia interference. Al Franken rolling over and resigning.    Democrats far too often lay ba

This goes to more than just the Mueller report. We know Trump was individual 1 in the Stormy Daniels pay off and he lied.    Trump gave his kids security clearances despite them failing the

The dullard Trump supporter who said at the Amash event shows why impeachment is so needed.    She said she thought Trump was cleared by Barr and didn't know there was anything in the Muelle

13 hours ago, OILERMAN said:

Heard a report from the 2018 mid terms.......


Donald Trump is not getting re-elected. I know people are scared because of what happened in 2016 but his numbers are so bad. 


The number one reason the data showed for the Blue Wave. 3 mill Trump voters voted Dem in the mid terms. Also in 2016 4 mill Obama voters stayed home, they won't stay home again. 


This is why Pelosi doesn't want to rock the boat at all. 

So have you changed your mind about impeachment?

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Senate Democrats want the House to cool it on impeachment. 


They see an impeachment drive as hurting more than helping their efforts to win back the Senate majority, and generally back Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) efforts to keep a lid on the issue. Even Senate Democrats running for president who back impeachment aren’t pressing Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) to take a more aggressive approach to the issue. Democratic senators say the subject of impeachment rarely even comes up in caucus-wide meetings, and that it distracts from issues like health care they see as more important to voters.



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33 minutes ago, Legaltitan said:

What does this have to do with pelosi or impeachment or Trump? 

Your answer for holding the president accountable for criminal conduct is the election.


I'd just as soon not rely on it, I have no trust in it. Two counties in Fla. were hacked, They were caught in NC out right cheating and it's also ready gerrrymandered.


I'd guess if Trump deems the election results fraudulent it could go to the Supreme Court.


I can hear the Dems now, This is unprecedented, who knew!!!!

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So Oman what's the alternative? You keep ducking that. The election may be fixed but you think we will get a fair result from the impeachment process with a republican controlled senate? 


Russia doesn't decide who our president is. That's loser talk. Russians we're able to put their thumb on the scales because Americans are weak. All they did was exploit divisions that were already here. If we just fucking vote and volunteer and out work Republicans we will defeat them. We did in 2018.lets do it again. And yes, an election is sort of the standard way you hold a politician accountable in a democracy. 

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4 hours ago, Legaltitan said:

So Oman what's the alternative? You keep ducking that.

Well as this debate has gone on more and more it's gone towards impeachment/hearings anyway. As Trump has ignored all subpoenas it's going to cause the courts to rule what powers the congress has in terms of his tax returns who has to testify. That will take care of itself. 


As for the alternative, it's too late to start the process when they should have. Barr released the summary distorting the findings and hit a home run on that one. The Dems already lost that of course. They should have launched impeachment right then and explained the actual report as soon as it came out. 

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7 hours ago, Legaltitan said:

Russia doesn't decide who our president is. That's loser talk. Russians we're able to put their thumb on the scales because Americans are weak. 

BTW, I have no reason to believe Trump didn't win 2016 outright fair and square, I've never said otherwise. 


Do I have less faith in 2020? Damn right. McConnell refuses to pass anything to protect the process and we found out two counties in Fla were breached. 


They are doing the Gov race in NC over. If there wasn't outright proof the Republican cheated and the Dem had complained it would have been deemed "loser talk"

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Amash had a town hall yesterday and got a standing ovation from the majority of people in attendance and was praised for standing up with no political gain. There was a few Trump supporters who went after him(and made fools of themselves, Deep state!) but overall he got lots of credit. 


This guy is a tea party shit stain, make no mistake about it. He just read the report. 

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