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"Shoot them!" someone shouted from the Panama City Beach crowd, according to multiple news media reports. 

The remark drew a chuckle from the president, who shook his head, pointed in the audience member's direction and said, "Only in the Panhandle you can get away with that statement." 

"Only in the Panhandle," he repeated to laughs and cheers from the crowd. 


I watch the video, Trump didn't advocate actually shooting unarmed people.  The problem is he's POTUS and his words carry a much different weight that the average citizen.  An idiot we armed to a pizza parlor to release Hillary's sex slaves.  Hillary Clinton, a live long advocate of women's rights is running an immigrant prostitution ring?  When you have a society this crazy, words matter.


Sure, we are not going to shoot up a school, we know that.  But our continuous angry rhetoric towards one another connects to a prevailing idea of violence and increases it.  Weaker minded people facing some personal difficulty they can't handle latch on to the anger being directed at others.  They get caught up in it and act out.  Unfortunately they attack peaceful people. The black church, the synagogues and schools become targets.  IMMIGRANTS


Why US?  

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I love how it's really video games, TV, music, and being raised in a certain lifestyle/environment that leads to all this violence today.


But liberals want to put it all on Trump. While at the same time saying "Trump didnt call for violence". Lmao.


Ppl like #9 will say the POTUS' words hold more weight than those of an average citizen, but it's funny how average citizens made up the Black Lives Matter movement and their chants of "kill cops" led to more violent riots and premeditated attacks on LEOs. Their words sure seemed dot carry a lot of weight. 


Let's keep it real @Number9, rappers are a hell of a lot more influential to the black communities than Obama could ever dream of being. And that influence isnt even close to being of good nature.


Hell, even Obama had words on the influence rap has. Tell me, how impactful were his words on that? I remember blacks criticizing him for it....

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