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7 hours ago, Jamalisms said:

If you want to discuss what was actually stated, feel free to start a real thread.



32 minutes ago, Denali said:


Yes, they did "something".  For those of us paying attention, what they did was hijack a bunch of American planes and crashed them into American buildings.  On our soil.  Killing our citizens.  And let's not forget all of the other disgusting acts of terrorism that they have carried out.


I mean, even the Nazis didn't claim to be victims after World War II.


She doesn't like the backlash?  Fine, take it up with the rest of your brethren that follow the Book of Jihad.  Don't blame us for your acts of terrorism.


She doesn't like the backlash?  Well, there are plenty of other countries around the world to live in rather than the very country where these terrorist acts were carried out.  I mean, you don't see Nazis taking up residence in Israel, walking around wearing swastikas and complaining that they are victims of backlash, do you?


She's disgusting.

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1 hour ago, LongTimeFan said:

@TitansGuru, why do you not have any right leaning mods?. @Jamalismsis now quoting me, erasing what I actually post and thinks that is the job of an honest moderator. 


You're wasting your time. They dont feel the responsibility of replying when they are questioned about their decisions.

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5 hours ago, Rolltide said:

Fuck off retard. You let 5000 Russian collusion threads get through. You deserve no respect at all from anybody on this board. You are one of the dumbest posters and a complete asswipe. 




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