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Juju will be a top 10 WR going forward. What's your top 10 WR for 2019?

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As long as Ben is there and they find an adequate replacement when he is gone, Juju will be a perennial top 10 WR. Fantasy wise or/and just in general. Also think with Brown gone he now has the potential as a top 5 WR although I dont expect that with the current talent out there. 


The reason I say this is because I remember ppl arguing in defense of Davis that the only or main reason Juju is good is because he had Brown opposite him. I wanted to put this in the main football forum but figured ppl would cry about it so I put it here and made it about fantasy.


That obviously will no longer be the case.


Bell is no longer there. Conner is decent but no Bell. Their current next WRs in line are James Washington and Switzer.


Juju is obviously the guy defenses are going to want to key on. He will still be great. He will still be better than Davis. 


Where would you guys rank Juju in terms of fantasy going into next year and who is your top 10?


I have him as my 10th overall.


1. Hopkins

2. Hill

3. Thomas

4. Brown

5. Beckham

6. Adams

7. Thielen 

8. Jones

9. Evans

10. Schuster


If Hill becomes suspended, obviously this would impact my rankings and more than likely boost Schuster into 9th. 


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Amari Cooper's Dallas performance over 9 games projected over a whole season was around 95 receptions, 1290 yards and 10 TDs.  That would have put him in the top 7 last season.   That was after just joining the team, so I would assume he would improve those numbers, especially since he might be playing for a new contract if not extended early, which would mean a likely top 5. 

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