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Titans Modifying Numbers for Light Blue Jerseys

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AAS still thinks about that very first day she met the man they called Mularkey. Anyway what made him full of mularkey? She does remember looking up at the very tall man and imagining things. Things that um wouldn't be discussed ever at the Adams family dinner table.



She does remember that first hug that lingered just a bit to long and she looked up onto his eyes and he cupped her face in his hands and he slithered his salty tongue down her throat all the while sticking his digits into her orfices. She moaned and put her hand over his throbbing member. So they moved to that new guys office whats his name?  JRod? Anyway they slid a couple tables together and in unision they rubbed their moist bodies together in glistening pleasure......


Amy?  Amy?   Hey you were day dreaming while you were looking up at me by the way my name is Mularkey......






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1 hour ago, IsntLifeFunny said:

I like the jerseys on the players, but they look awful in real life on fans. 

100% agree. It’s kind of strange, but in game they look so much better 

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