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56 minutes ago, Soxcat said:

Dems don't want this to end.  It will be a big nothingburger but as long as it stays alive they can continue to bash Trump all they want.  We even have not jobs saying they can't trust the Mueller report. 

First off, regardless of what the report turns up, I'll continue to bash Trump.  He sucks and deserves the bashing.


And yes, we have a NUT job saying you can't trust the Mueller report, his name is Donald Trump.

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The Mueller probe being complete won't end it--no matter what the findings.  The Dems want their coup and will continue to seek that end.

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4 minutes ago, ben4titans said:

Well, that was a nothing burger. Surprise, surprise.


Years of endless speculation from the fake news deep state media complex, spread and propagated by Leftists like those on this board....and in the end, it was all false.



Dude, what are you even talking about? It hasn’t even been read by the AG yet. 





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Just now, ben4titans said:

Don't get angry, just appreciate I'm bringing you good quality information.

I’m not angry. Quite the opposite. But I do pity you. You’re such a loser in life that you feel the need to spew anonymous BULLSHIT on the internet. 

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