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On 3/25/2019 at 9:31 AM, Stranger said:

I don't think VR will have the lasting appeal most were hoping for. 


I think it will always have its place, but will never be what becomes the norm. 


I believe if one of the gaming companies devote a next gen console with VR as the focus, they'll fall behind the sales race like Xbox did this gen with a focus on Kinect and the always online console. Xbox has done a great job at turning their image around though imo

i think you need to play more VR. its very very very very very very very early. .. and there's games that are hours of entertainment. 


VR will become the norm as soon as they figure out a light headset that doesnt obstruct you completely from local social interaction. Even more the norm with AR

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Have serious doubts about Stadia.  The worst thing about gaming these days is the constant need for internet.  The switch is awesome because it works offline - 90% of the games on my phone don't work on the subway.


Streaming video puts in a ton of work to get the buffering just right for everyone's individual network connection.  Optimizing Stadia is much much harder.

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