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Titans Trade for Tannehill, Release Gabbert

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5 minutes ago, ctm said:

From what I can tell, the Titans are giving up pick #233 this year and getting pick #188 from the dolphins.  Trading up 45 spots.  There still should be a decent player available in the middle of the 6th.

Trade fodder more then likely so you can get who you want in the 4 or 5th rounds more then likely.

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Tannehill has been quite good when healthy. I like that this pushes Mariota and provides a possible bridge if necessary. Marcus gets defended on turnover on staffs and OC changes, look up the cards Tannehill was dealt in Miami.

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4 minutes ago, Jonboy said:

Part of my job is keeping up with tech news, software updates, bugs, etc. so I have twitter open all day at work. I use Tweetdeck and have it docked to the side of my screen at all times. So when something breaks, it's pretty easy for me to copy/paste it quickly.


I'll be honest...in the past, I just posted things when I saw them and because of the fact that I always have twitter open I would usually be one of the first to post it. Recently though, I admit I make an extra effort to be the first one to post big news items because of all the loyal TR folk counting on me for updates! Can't let @tgo or @AussieTitanFan08 take my crown just yet. 😂

Nobody has a chance against you.


I come to post news and the story already has 5-6 pages of replies about it.  

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