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Titans Trade for Tannehill, Release Gabbert

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2 hours ago, Jonboy said:

Part of my job is keeping up with tech news, software updates, bugs, etc. so I have twitter open all day at work. I use Tweetdeck and have it docked to the side of my screen at all times. So when something breaks, it's pretty easy for me to copy/paste it quickly.

So this really is you, huh?




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2 hours ago, Nash said:

I’m on vacation , go to the beach and lunch  and all of this happens!! Whew 

Clearly you need to vacation and go to the beach far more often.


And eat way more lunches.

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6 minutes ago, NashvilleNinja said:

Please do.

I thought they were airsoft kids at first and that they had some replicas but the more I look at it, I think that's a national guard douchebag who's fat as fuck and his stuff is all jacked up.  He has an over the head nods mount which we haven't used since the 90's and a PEQ 2 to go with an ACOG and Peltors.  Peltors but he has no radio.  Dump pouch but no magazines.  Even if you're training, you should be carrying the equipment.  He's got some airsoft LBE on that doesn't fucking fit him and vietnam era first aid pouch which is good for absolutely fucking nothing.  


Nothing I hate more than fat soldiers.  I can't tell if they're carrying blanks or not based on the kid carrying the 240b in the background but I think they are and no blank adapter.  His sling is garbage too.  Just from top to bottom, from anyone who's ever carried a rifle in combat, that photo is all kinds of fucked up.  Did I mention he's a fat pos?

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Kuharsky: This is not a QB competition 


Jon Robinson: “I’ve talked to Marcus and told Marcus he is our starting quarterback. Ryan is here to help Marcus, to push Marcus, to compete with Marcus."




I'd say it's Marcus' job to lose, no doubt. But it's certainly a competition to some degree. 

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