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Some Fans Are Way Too Hard On This Team (All Teams Last Postseason Win)

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A couple years back i had this neighbor approach me as i was leaving one day he saw my Titans jacket and my Titans Tennessee Tag on the back on the back of my car (Most folks here purchase Grizzlies tags at DMV). So you are a Titans fan he says and then goes on to add that he is a Buffalo Bills fan and grew up there. We have had a few convos but mainly he talked about how bad the team has been and how he would do anything just to have winning seasons regularly and perhaps a playoff berth. They made the postseason since we spoke last i could imagine the joy after 18 years,lol. He likely moved havent seen him in a good while a year at least.


Anyway here lately i noticed especially on twitter how much fans of the team talk negative you would think we were one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Sporting News i think it was recently did a short article about the winningest teams of the last 20 years. Well when you add regular and postseason wins we have 170 wins which is 11th best just 1 win from cracking the top 10 where Dallas was with 171 wins since 1999.



1-Pats 263

2-Steelers 218

3-Colts 216

4-Pack 204

5-Eagles 200

6-Ravens 199

7-Seahawks 193

8-Broncos 188

9-Saints 182

10-Cowboys 171 /Giants 171

11-Titans 170 /Vikings 170


From 1999 thru 2011 those first dozen years the Titans had 7 winning seasons,6 postseason berths,5 postseason wins,3 times with 13 wins,3 division titles,2 times NFL best record,2 AFC Title appearances and 1 Super Bowl appearance. They also had 2 NFL Rookie of the Year honors,An NFL MVP, A RB who had a 2000 yard season and set a new all purpose yardage record that still stands. 2011 the team had a winning season with 9 wins and were a hair from making the postseason.


From 2012 thru 2015 the team changed GM's to Ruston Webster and drafted Jake Locker the GM/QB combo was terrible and we ended up having 4 straight losing seasons. They were let go and in come Marcus Mariota/Jon Robinson from 2016 to the present day the pair has 3 straight winning seasons and a playoff win.


In the Titans first 20 seasons 3 Out of 4 Titans GM's Reese,Reinfeldt,Robinson all have a winning record and been to the postseason except Webster who has a losing record and no postseason berths.


Robinson is doing all he can in free agency as we speak gunning for a 4th straight winning year and another possible playoff trip.


2012-2015 was not fun and it was 4 straight losing seasons but many teams have done way worse including some teams that are doing well the last few years.


However they finally got things fixed and now have 3 straight winning seasons and hoping for 4 straight winning years since things were turned around.


But you would think from some fans comments we are the Raiders,Jaguars,Browns,Bills,Jets,etc.


The fans of every single one of those teams would kill to do what we have done the last 20 years and we are a borderline top 10 team in wins overall for the recent 20 year period/anniversary.


Also we went to a Super Bowl in '99,NFL best record in '00 lost initial postseason game,Made it to AFC Championship 1 step from another Super Bowl in '02,Made it to the divisional round was a Bennett catch of making it back to the AFC Championship in '03,NFL best record in '08 lost initial postseason game,Made it to the divisional round was 1 step from AFC Championship in '17.  We have been close a few times since our lone Super Bowl appearance.



These Titan fans complaining would they last near 20 years with just 2 nine win seasons and a solitary playoff trip(Bills) for Tennessee? How would they cope going 16 long years with a single winning year with a postseason trip.(Raiders),How about no playoffs for 17 long years and just 2 winning years of 20 seasons(Browns),11 long years with just 1 winning season/playoff berth not only that but good grief could those fans handle 8 years with 5 wins or less(Jags) in a decade of football?  How bout no playoffs for 12 years and counting (Bucs) or 2 postseason trips the last 17 years since 2002(Dolphins). The last 20 years Detroit has just 3 postseason trips and havent won a postseason game in nearly 30 years.


I couldnt ever imagine Tennessee having 8 years with 5 wins or less in a decade because we would never be that bad. At our worst we had 4 straight losing seasons only 2 were really bad. I definitely couldnt imagine 1 winning season in 16 long years or 2 winning seasons in 17 years. I literally couldnt imagine it. Would i like it? No  Would i stick with the Tennessee Titans?  Of course.







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