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2 hours ago, nine said:

I didn't pay much attention to the Rams last year.   Suh obviously didn't put up elite numbers....but I've seen it reported that his presence played a big role in Aaron Donald's success last year.    


Of course, Donald has always been an absolute stud.....but last year, he absolutely exploded.   His league-high 20.5 sacks nearly doubled his previous career best (11).  He also had career highs in QB hits (41) and led the league in tackles-for-loss (25).     I'm guessing Suh's presence made it impossible for teams to focus solely on containing Donald, thereby creating more opportunities for Donald to wreak havoc and dominate.


It would cost the Titans a pretty penny, no doubt....but I'd certainly love to see the impact Suh would have in Pees' scheme.   Casey would obviously benefit, of course...but I could also see it creating tremendous opportunity for Evans, as well.

I'd be very curious. 


Base set with Casey, a rookie NT and Suh with Suh switching between playing 1 or 2 gap depending on what we're trying to do. Could really add versatility to our front.


Nickle with Casey and Suh generally but maybe even switching out to Suh and a rookie NT if we need more run support out of it.


Draft another pass rush OLB with the other of our top 2 picks.


Could really help our defense.

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