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Trade War - how is that working out?

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Per numbers released today, the deficit is up 77% this quarter, while the trade deficit is the highest it's ever been.   I think we can reasonably interpret that as meaning several things: T

The trade deficit and the federal budget deficit are both increasing.  That's exactly the opposite of what Trump said he would do.   No amount of spin changes that.

SENATE FINANCE CHAIR CHUCK GRASSLEY: "“Trade policy and border security are separate issues. This is a misuse of presidential tariff authority and counter to congressional intent."

48 minutes ago, TennesseeTuxedo said:

Translation: Tux's post stuck a finger in my eye and I don't have a response that will hold up to his information.

No. That's not it at all. Your posts are completely false. Nothing you say comes true. You buy the propaganda hook, line, and sinker every time. 

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4 hours ago, Legaltitan said:

Yall should put tuxedo on ignore if nothing else for the sheer hilarity of the visual representation of his frantic posting. You'll see nothing as he gathers his thoughts and receives his talking points, and then a crazed 5 or 6 posts in a row. 

You have no idea how bad it would be if I wasn't cleaning that sit up. He'll go down the threads and post something in all of them 

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3 hours ago, Rolltide said:

Who is cleaning up your trash? 


When Wg went on his Jew hating tirade did you clean that up? No you gave him a thumbs up. 

Too bad this tirade you speak of never happened. 

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6 minutes ago, Soxcat said:

Yea, we need to ban Tux for having all these Trump winning posts.  It is making the libtards nervous.  Japan opening their markets to American beef is huge but a libtard, on a vegan diet (because of the green house gas issue) wouldn't understand and be pissed.  

That's just horrible news!  How will ever survive as a nation and around the world if we keep allowing all that cattle poop everywhere.  Why cant everyone just listen to the bright one AOC.

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On 5/14/2019 at 5:13 PM, OILERMAN said:

In this case I just think he's doing the tariffs for Putin's benefit so he has to just say some crazy shit that everyone knows isn't true

MOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia would supply soy beans and poultry meat to China and that the United States had effectively given up on that market.


Putin was speaking at the Russia Calling annual investment forum.



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2 hours ago, Legaltitan said:

I have to hand it to Putin and his administration on their troll game. It is A+ level. 

Russia is really supplying China soybeans now 

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13 minutes ago, Soxcat said:

Where was Russia selling that stuff before?  The market isn't shrinking.  We can just sell to someone else.  Russia deserves the Chinese.  Let them have them. 

Wow, is it really that easy?  Why hasn't anyone else thought of that?



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