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Titans in on AB (Update: Traded to Raiders for 3rd & 5th)

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Just now, headhunter said:

Raiders do make sense but they are not very good

Yep plus they have the draft ammunition to get Brown and still have plenty of picks left over, they currently have picks 4, 24, 27, 35, 66, 107, 142, 198, 220, 237.



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1 hour ago, tgo said:

And Conklin should be Bruce Matthews. But he isn’t. 


Antonio Brown is a generational talent. 

A generational talent? OBJ, Jones, and Hopkins can all claim to have as much  talent and possibly as much impact as on games over the past 3-5 years. Randy Moss and Calvin Johnson recently retired. Brown’s gaudy stays reflect his talent, but also his “generational” situation with Roethlosberger, Bell, and an uncanny WR core around him. 


Conklin wasn’t a top-5 pick. But yeah, from a top-10 OT the expectation is that he’s at least a cornerstone on the level of Hopkins or Roos. Get out of here with that Bruce Matthews straw man shit. 


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2 minutes ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:

Throw this in here as well, AB isn't the only known WR target for the Raiders.



Whoever loses out on this could target Williams I think. 

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2 minutes ago, reo said:

If the titans were offering a 1st, it'd probably be done already.

Unless the Steelers think the raiders/redskins could up the anti. They both have higher picks in the draft and additional picks later on. 

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