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New Mock Draft Machine is Now Live (Draft Network)

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36 minutes ago, titanruss said:

they blamed mariota for seeing ghosts after the first 7 sacks... whereas brady was seeing ghosts when playing us after like 2.5. 


the standard is retarded. 

"If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with."

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Found another site that seems a little more in-depth. you can choose a larger variety of rankings and mocks to simulate with. you can do trades if you upgrade but i doubt many are paying to test that out. @Kyle021 may have some fun with it. 




this one turned out great and pretty sure no way Gary falls that far...but i can dig... 

didnt need/want bryce love but he was ranked too high and there was nothing available close to that ranking in that round.  he could basically sit and work on his hands while he recovers, then we have a backup for henry when his contract is up. 

andy isabella in the 5th would be a dream

john cominsky seems like a Jrob kind of guy with big talent but he's been moved around a ton. Very derrick morgan like player but ran a 4.69 @ 6'5" and 290lbs. 


Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 1.18.25 AM.png

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20 minutes ago, headhunter said:

Starting to feel like its Lindstrom at the moment. Just too many connections at our biggest position of need on the team.

Not gonna lie, after doing some research on him, he seems to check all the boxes. I'm starting to like him, maybe trade down then grab him. I just really like Burns or the 2 Iowa TEs right now

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