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Do you think aliens exist?

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6 hours ago, T-RAC said:

I don't think Sagan assumed a purpose. But, by attaching that conditional, he's arguing a case. He's trying to bring religious believers, who already firmly believe in a purpose, to consider the possibility of ET life.


It's a tough sell. Much of the religious community thinks. 'If it doesn't line up with the assumptions of our dogma, it's blasphemous and therefore shouldn't be considered or investigated."





Christians are generally encouraged to filter out questions if the answers might contradict their worldview.



Honestly? There's safety in numbers so it's reasonable to assume nature would select for it. Herd behavior is common in a lot of species.


Soxcat's comment was a truth mixed with his own MO. God's ways are not our ways, which is a way of saying that we need to have faith/trust in god to take care of what we're unable to take care of. Christians are not encouraged to filter out questions if the answers might contradict their worldview, but they are encouraged to filter out bad answers that but people do that anyway. It's a human trait/flaw, not a tenet of faith. Proverbs 27:17, 1 Peter 3:15 


You also have to figure that some people just aren't all that intellectually curious. It doesn't make them right or wrong in what they believe. It just means they're either lazy or too busy with regular life to be bothered to get bogged down by combing through their beliefs. And that doesn't even have anything to do with religious beliefs. Look at the football forum for an example.



As for safety in numbers? There were about 6 million Jews in 1940's Germany who would probably disagree with you that there is safety in numbers. That's not to say that there isn't some truth in that statement, but isn't necessarily a universal truth. And I don't think that I can buy that herd behavior is the result of what I was talking about. It seems to me herd behavior/mentality would cancel that longing out, but not everyone is an extrovert thriving off the crowd. Lots of introverts become exhausted when they have to deal with a crowd of people. Yet, we all have that same longing for belonging to something or someone in spite of that difference in MO. And that's what I'm talking about... not mindless actions toward furthering the arbitrary and directionless goal of the herd.


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