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Kevin Mawae makes Hall of Fame

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5 hours ago, SuperFreak90 said:

NFL HOF don't  go in as any designated team. that's MLB players. 

The NFL doesn't have to. He will be remembered as a Jet,  not a Titan. If his Jersey gets retired it wont be in Tennessee. Nobody thinks of Joe Montana as a Chief. 

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23 hours ago, SuperFreak90 said:

Kevin Mawae wouldn't have made the HOF with just his Jets and Seahawks career. Him blocking for CJ2K, and the 2000 yard season helped put him in too. Quit discounting what he did with the Titans, it all counts.

Now you’re just digging in to stand your ground, which is never a good look for anyone

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On 2/3/2019 at 8:39 AM, oldschool said:

Jfc Nashville fans. Mawae isnt in the hall because of his few years with the Titans. You guys will latch on to anything.

Of course his best years were in Seattle & NY but it was amazing how effective he still was here after he was basically completely shot physically. Besides pointing out all the blitzes & stuff to the rest of the line he somehow managed to block guys who were 10x the athlete he was at that point by using pristine technique, using their momentum against them, etc.


Dude would be a great OL coach.

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