The President is stone cold stupid. Just listen to him.

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Trump just claimed his G-7/Doral pick was OK because Obama got a Netflix & book deal. He claimed these were negotiated while in office. -- WTF, I mean the guy is just making shit up on yet another level.  When this era is chronicled , vids like these will resurface and the public will ask why people willfully embraced this repugnant pos. The sheep will offer up every excuse possible, but it's just obvious Trump plays to a series of manufactured, long ingrained hatreds that are set off with easily digestible labels: Obama, Hillary, Dems,...


Again, the reasons of how and why Trump got elected are understandable.  His current full-throated defenders? History will be very unkind.

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17 hours ago, TitansFan777 said:

Can you imagine how fucking stupid they must feel knowing this is the person they voted for?


They're quite proud of themselves actually. 


The people that voted for him that have an IQ above 70 stopped supporting him a long time ago. 

Anyone that still supports him at this point are beyond ignorant and brainwashed. 

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