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The President is stone cold stupid. Just listen to him.

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If there were any doubts left, that letter just completely dispels them and exposes the situation. The dude is in waaaaaaay over his head as POTUS and worse: he's impulsively hyperactive, completely lacks self-awareness, and is surrounded by enablers and grifters -- with no ability to discern shit from shinola.  No wonder he's a rambling, conspiracy-addled mess at the podium. "Syria = sand, focus on Obama 2016, Clapper, Ukraine,...!! blah, blah"  he's a raging Foxaholic idiot.

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In a bizarre interview with Fox News last night, President Trump stood next to a sculpture in the Oval Office that he said depicts former president Teddy Roosevelt, and explained that statues are vita

In 2016, if you told me that the following would happen under a Trump presidency: -Mexicans/Latinx being demonized and put in cages -Increased racial tensions to a point not seen in decades

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clowned by Turkey,... again! (Flynn, as NSA, while working for Turkey).


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threw a letter from President Trump urging him not to be a “tough guy” or a “fool” in the trash, according to the BBC.


In the letter, dated Oct. 9 in the wake of the U.S. pullout from northeastern Syria, Trump urged Erdoğan not to launch an incursion into the region against Kurdish forces that the U.S. had backed against the Islamic State. The Turkish president ignored the request, and Trump has since claimed the Turkish offensive “has nothing to do with us.”


"President Erdoğan received the letter, thoroughly rejected it and put it in the bin,” Turkish presidential sources told the BBC, adding that he launched the invasion the same day.


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Trump just claimed his G-7/Doral pick was OK because Obama got a Netflix & book deal. He claimed these were negotiated while in office. -- WTF, I mean the guy is just making shit up on yet another level.  When this era is chronicled , vids like these will resurface and the public will ask why people willfully embraced this repugnant pos. The sheep will offer up every excuse possible, but it's just obvious Trump plays to a series of manufactured, long ingrained hatreds that are set off with easily digestible labels: Obama, Hillary, Dems,...


Again, the reasons of how and why Trump got elected are understandable.  His current full-throated defenders? History will be very unkind.

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