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The President is stone cold stupid. Just listen to him.

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"Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing that."


That is so funny. Maybe Trump should hire an information czar to follow him around to prevent him from doing things like posting classified satellite images or giving classified information to the wrong people. My vote is for this general with a yellow placard to flash the quote, "Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing that."

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In the Drs office having to listen to Trump read slowly off his cue cards at the UN summit, he sounds like a monotone retard. 


He really looks terrible, and talks like a 5 year old trying to read a book. So slow and deliberate. 

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This Guy Truly Has No Idea What He's Talking About




Trump cannot ever keep his story straight because he never fully knew what it was in the first place. He knows it is about him, and the things that keep happening to him, but beyond that he never knows, and will never know; he is conspiring and scheming constantly, but so ineffectually and in such a state of flummoxed confusion and utterly abject ignorance that the endgame is never anything but unclear. Trump is always trying to get over, to win and keep winning, but also he doesn’t know what the rules are, or what the game even is, and also someone—it’s not important who, it would be unfair to point fingers—has eaten the racecar, the thimble, all of the little plastic hotels, and a third of the cards in Community Chest. It can be difficult to prove that any of Trump’s many howlingly overt acts of malfeasance are intentional because everything he does—from the first grasping moments to his last seething ones, all through his endless expanses of executive time—feels like and fundamentally is an accident.


Trump’s ignorance isn’t a defense, but it is again a decent explanation. Because he is constitutionally incapable of being less ignorant—because his mind is gone and because he won’t read or listen and can’t effectively digest even the smoothest juche gruel that his television gives him—he winds up thinking things that literally no one else thinks. And because Trump is constitutionally incapable of changing his mind, on any topic, he gets stuck on stuff like this and then repeats it and repeats it and repeats it; the job of the cable channel he likes is to tell him he’s right, so quite literally hears this stuff more and more. He doesn’t express himself well enough to convince anyone else of whatever it is that he believes—it’s seldom clear what he’s even trying to argue beyond that everyone is being mean to him for no reason and actually someone else did what he did—but he’s already convinced himself of it, which means that he will never be unconvinced.

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If Trump is so stupid why are you dems so afraid to run against him fair and square?


The best you have to offer cannot beat a stupid man? 


You afraid that Elizabeth Warren with her 3 decade lie and socialist views might not appeal to most Americans? I agree with that. Joe Biden's corruption and Cornpop stories only appeals to dumb democrats?



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On 9/22/2019 at 10:36 PM, Pragidealist said:

Worse - they’ll say he’s speaking in tongues and is their savior 



Black democrats go to the same types of churches and worship the same god. What a total asshole. 




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