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The former President is stone cold stupid. Just listen to him.


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In a bizarre interview with Fox News last night, President Trump stood next to a sculpture in the Oval Office that he said depicts former president Teddy Roosevelt, and explained that statues are vita

Biden misspeaks, trips and says some stupid stuff sometimes.   Trump is a complete fucking moron and embarrasses himself routinely.    If you don't see the difference you're either

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On 10/29/2023 at 11:41 AM, OILERMAN said:

It cracks me up that the garbage that spews out of his mouth makes no sense and the crowd just claps


Listening to a guest on a recent podcast and he identified one of the 'crazy' devices that Trump uses to deliver much of his intolerant and hateful comments -- the little boy caricature voice.  Now I hear it all the time, where Trump declares a host of anti-American actions he'd undertake and unvarnished divisive animus, but a lot of it is delivered in a sing-song almost playful voice begging for feedback from his rabble rousing crowds who jeer their mobbed up hostilities.  Additionally, this allows the press to downplay it as well since "it's not serious".  However, if any candidate were saying these same things in a normal voice, right away it would be jarringly disturbing , and called out for its demagoguery and authoritarianism.

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