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2018 Draft Spread

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Numbers are interesting. I'm not sure what they mean-- theories accepted.


Be nice if there were more specifics, i.e. Edge Rushers vs. Interior Defensive Linemen or Tackles vs. Guards/Centers. Maybe some fanatic can work on that?!


Players drafted in Rounds 1-7


Offense: 120

QB 13

RB 22

WR 32

TE 14

OL 39


Defense: 129

DL 37

LB 46

CB 30

S   16


Specialists: 6

K  2

P  4


To me it is shocking how few QBs are considered draft-able. This is a shame as it would seem to neuter competitive shifts in the league because of QB dominance. Not sure what can be done about that.


Look how many LBs!


Looking forward to some intelligent insight...

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