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End of ‘18 full mock with analysis and FA plan including what to do with MM and our QB situation and how to immediately improve the team now and the future.

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Keep MM for ‘19 and draft a QB to groom behind him. 


Upgrade the OL, and bring in a blocking TE in FA and another WR to supplant Sharpe as the 2 and Taylor as the 3


draft OLB and DL also in the draft. 


I really think the smartest move would be to sell the farm and move up for Haskins in the draft if he drops outside the top 5, but If they don’t do that... this is who and what I want as of now and yes. It will change. But the 2 QBs I would take in the draft won’t change. 


I absolutely love Haskins and think he will be a top 5 QB one day. He is pro ready. I’m also on the Stidham bandwagon. He is big, strong, has a rocket arm and throws with anticipation and touch and his highly accurate especially on bootlegs and roll outs and playaction. He has one hell of a deep bomb. He can come in and start day 1 and be better than anyone not named Mayfield in the ‘18 draft or he can sit behind MM for a year and learn the playbook and we can tag and trade MM if he has a really good year and hand the keys over to the young kid on a rookie contract and a year of study. 




- Mitch Morse - C

- Logan Paulsen - TE

- John Brown - WR

- Brandon Graham - OLB/DE 




Vaccaro, Woodyard, Logan, Kelly and Pamphile




Woodyard and Ryan with extensions as well as Cyprien. I also restructure Succop


Extend Kevin Byard




I have us trading back from 19 to 26 with Oakland and obtaining their 2nd rounder and giving them a future 4th next year.


1) Michael Jordan - OG - OSU

2) Jarrett Stidham - QB - Auburn

2) Jerry Tillery - DE/DT - Notre Dame

3) Chase Winovich - OLB - Michigan

4) KJ Hill - WR - OSU

5) Rodney Anderson - RB - OU

7) Porter Gustin - OLB - USC


i have Anderson and Gustin dropping due to an extensive injury history. They will be deep in the roster and will get soaring looks and often times will be healthy scratches. But they will have impact later in their career. Both have talent. ‘16 Gustin tore his ACL and this year he fractured his Ankle. He had some major red flags for health. Overall... he is a steal after round 5. Same with Anderson. He is a stud RB when healthy but he can’t stay Healthy. Henry will be the everydown back and Lewis third down back and Anderson will be the #3 and occasionally get PT. 


Winovich provides great depth at OLB and honestly could start day 1... Behind him is Finch and Correa and Gustin.


Graham and Landry are starters. Tillery, Casey, Johnson, Jones, Logan make our DL way better and will help our pass rush immensely and clear the path for outside rushers with disruptionuothe middle. Tillery checks in at 6’7 and 310 LBs and has an array of pass rushers and is very good against the run. He is a 3-4 DE. 


KJ Hill is an under the radar WR from Ohio State who is going to surprise a lot of people. He reminds me a lot of Kenny Golladay out of Detroit. He has burners, size, very good hands. Needs work on his route tree but he already has a good array of routes coming out as a rook. I might have him to late as he could go round 3. 


Last but but not least... our first two picks. Which will cause a bunch of backlash. 




Jordan is a damn good OG and can play C too. I originally had us taking Cody Ford at that pick but I do not think he last that far. I also considered Dalton Risner but settled for Jordan. He would be an amazing fit and is versatile and would step in day one and be our best OG and a long term staple. 


Then Jarrett Stidham. A 6’3 and 230lb QB who is extremely strong, tough, accurate and has a rocket arm. He didn’t have much help at WR at Auburn but boy is this kid special. He probably goes round 1 but everyone says he had a down year and should go back to school another year and will go in round 2. Then he has an amazing bowl game and people are clamoring about him. The truth is... People love Haskins at rightfully so, and are enamored with Grier, Finely, Thorson and Lock. Stidham is the forgotten man and he will be better the all those guys except for Haskins in my mind. 


We essentially get him for free as we traded back from 19 to 26 and gave up a future mid round pick and got Stidham at the top of 2. 


Mariota runs the show another year and Stidham who is a bright kid, with all the tanfibles, arm strength and accuracy can sit back and learn the playbook and take over the job in 2020


With Morse upgrading Jones at C, and Jordan upgrading Spain at LG our OL becomes a position of strength. MM will have a lot more protection and will not get sacked 49 times. He will have a lot of time to throw and our RB like Henry and Lewis and Anderson would have a lot of holes they didn’t have this year especially with a blocking TE like Paulsen and return of Walker which will help big time on run downs and third downs. 


Then you give MM two WRs. One being a savvy route runner with great hands and lights out speed in John Brown and rookie KJ Hill who would challenge Taylor/Sharpe for the #4 and #5 spot. 


Defensively we added one player in FA and a damn good one. We keep our depth and starters intact and add only one guy in FA and a few in the draft. 


Brandon Graham and Harold Landry would make a very nice duo at OLB. I originally wanted to put Dee Ford here but I think he is going to command 18-20 million a year where Graham will be in the 12 range. Throw in Winovich, Gustin and Finch and Correa backing them up and some extra talent on the DL and our front 7 is drastically improved. The result? A better secondary, more turnovers and more 3 and outs. 




QB - MM, Stidham, Gabbert/Davis


RB - Henry, Lewis, Anderson


WR - Davis, Brown, Sharpe, Taylor, Hill, Jennings


TE - Walker, Smith, Paulsen, Firkser


OT - Lewan, Conklin, Kelly, Marz

OG - Jordan, Kline, Pamphile, Levin 

C - Morse, Levin


DL - Casey, Johnson, Jones, Tillery, Logan


OLB - Landry, Graham, Finch, Winovich, Correa, Gustin


ILB - Evans, Woodyard, Brown, Bates

CB - Jackson, Butler, Ryan, Sims, Kalu, Cruikshank (can play CB, NB)


S - Byard, Vaccaro, Cyprien, Trawick, Cruikshank. 


LS - Brinkley

K - Succop

P - Kern

KR - Jennings/Lewis

PR -Taylor/Jackson



I think that is a very strong roster and MM would have a great OL and better WR core... Stidham has amazing potential and is light years better than Gabbert and if MM goes down and Stidham has to play I would have confidence we could actually run the full playbook and not limit it. 


The camp battles to watch would be 3rd QB, 6th WR between Jennings and Batson, Tillery vs Johnson vs Jones at DE, Sharpe vs Taylor vs Hill and Winovich vs Finch vs Correa vs Gustin for #3 and #4 and #5 OLB spot. 


Also we likely bring an extra CB in somewhere and probably rock with 2QBs I just don’t know who and I focused on OL and pass rushers in the draft with a QB early and WR mid round. We could add a decent vet CB cheap in FA to be the #5 or #6 guy


Only 4 players signed in FA and JR trades back and improves the OL and QBOF and immediate solidifying DL and EDGE after. 


If this was our offseason I would be extremely excited. Stidham has all the tools and could learn the speed of the game and complexity of the playbook in first year with no major pressure and would get some playing time due to Marcus injury that’s blind to happen. It also prevents us from giving up an arm and a leg for a QB next year bc Fromm and Tua likely go In top 3 and won’t be able to trade that far. 



We we will have around 70 in cap room. So extending Byard and restricting a few players and cutting Jones and Stocker and possibly Cyp...


we we could easily spend money on Graham I don’t think he will command more than 12-13 a year. Morse would be a huge upgrade and so would Brown. Paulsen would be cheap. 


You hit the draft raft and add depth and some instant starters like Jordan and Tillery and future starters in Stidham and a Winovich and Hill and role players like Gustin and Anderson

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Just thinking of a pass rush consisting of Graham, Landry, Winovich, Casey with Evans and Brown as our LB’s in a nicke package is straight nasty. Casey/Tillery/Johnson could rotate and stay fresh as well as Landry/Graham/Winovich/Finch/Correa/Gustin. We would never get tired. 


Offensivet having Stidham as our backup and future QB would be big. And to have Jordan at LG and Morse at C and a healthy Conklin with a true blocking TE along the lines of Fasano like Paulsen would give MM some major protection and help him keep a clean pocket and stay upright and maybe healthy. 


With that OL and Walker returning and Davis and Brown and Sharpe and Taylor on the field and the emergence of Henry as a true RB would be major. 


Say MM has a fantastic injury free year... you tag him and roll with him another year and tag and trade after that for more picks and Stidham gains two years on the bench and has two years to learn and work mechanics. He would be more than ready

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