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AFC South Contest - Week 17

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Jags @ Texans

Colts @ Titans



Leader Board


CreepingDeath   30-20


8MM    28-22


titansjr9988    27-22


Justafan    27-16

Former_Fan    25-17


bostontitan    24-25


kgsTitan     24-21


No1TitansFan    24-15


JoelinBellevue    24-13


Jeff.Fisher    22-25


Ricky    21-20


titanruss   20-24

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CreepingDeath   30-20     Texans, Titans


8MM    28-22     Texans, Colts


titansjr9988    27-22     Jags, Titans


Justafan    27-16     Texans, Titans

Former_Fan    25-17     Texans, Colts


bostontitan    24-25     Jags, Titans


kgsTitan     24-21


No1TitansFan    24-15     Texans, Titans


JoelinBellevue    24-13     Texans, Colts


Jeff.Fisher    22-25     Jaguars, Titans


Ricky    21-20     Jaguars, Titans


titanruss   20-24    @titanruss

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